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As the end of 2020-2021, school year arrives, we at Trinity are celebrating the faculty and staff of Eastway Elementary School in our hearts and prayers. Their commitment to education, courage, and tenacity in facing the challenges brought to our world by the pandemic has inspired us to become the stalwart heroes in our community and nation. We are so grateful for their presence in our lives as partners, working toward a brighter future for our children and our world.


And, Trinity Family, we are so appreciative of you. With love, creativity, and sacrifice you found ways to meet needs while remaining safely distanced. Your gifts of prayer, masks and more masks, food supplies, dollars, and warm coats helped to support both those whose lives were on the front lines and those that were economically crushed in the Covid Climate. Thank you for being a bright light for Christ in the darkness.


Warmest regards,


Mary Beth Markham and Gwen Palmer

Congregations for Children Co-Chairs