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Landlords Wanted 


Who we are: 

"OPERATION MOVE-IN" is a community-based collaboration.

Each year, Housing for New Hope connects individuals and families experiencing homelessness with resources and programs to help them find safe, permanent housing. We aim to expand housing opportunities for people experiencing homelessness through active partnerships with landlords and human service agencies. In the next year, we will find housing for more than 100 families.

"OPERATION MOVE-IN” provides an array of incentives and supports to landlords and property owners to help connect prospective tenants with safe, permanent, and affordable housing.

How we can help you: 

· Eliminate vacancy with a steady stream of prospective tenants

· Accelerate unit turnover timeline with up-front financial assistance

· Provide prospective tenants with financial supports that reduce barriers to lease up

What we can offer you: 

· Flexible funding to ease the financial burden of leasing for landlord and tenant and assist with any needed repairs after move-in. Signing bonus.

· A single point of contact for tenant/landlord related issues

Are you interested in learning more about “OPERATION MOVE-IN"? 

Contact Enoch Holloway

Phone: 919.886.2711