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In Psalm 127:3-5, King Solomon, the wisest and richest man the world has ever known, laced his thanksgiving and praise to God with a little sage advice: 

Children are a heritage from the LORD,

the fruit of the womb a reward.

 Blessed is the man 

whose quiver is full of children.

He will not be put to shame 

when he speaks with his enemies at the gate.

In other words, the best offense for a bright future is to nurture the children God has given us.   

A good education is one of the keys that unlock doors to inspiration, instruction, and opportunity so that children are able to pursue their dreams for the future. Congregations for Children (C4C), an initiative of the North Carolina and Western North Carolina Conferences, was organized to ensure that schools working with children from predominantly financially-challenged families are on sure ground to offer a firm educational foundation. Eastway Elementary, a school just over a mile from our church building, is one of Durham’s high-poverty schools. Understanding that cold, tired, hungry, under-equipped children are less likely to thrive as students, our congregation has provided coats and nonperishable food in the autumn, replenished school supplies in the spring, and readied book-bags of school supplies for future kindergarten students. During the worst of the pandemic, Trinity also provided almost 600 child-sized masks for the nearly 600 young children at Eastway.

Through the Congregations for Children Ministry, love, prayers, dollars, and time are invested in hope for a brighter future for the children God has given Durham. Thanks be to God.

All persons are most welcome to be a part of the committee for this ministry. For more information, please contact the co-chairs:

Mary Beth Markham

(919) 801-7983

Gwen Palmer

(919) 597-8412