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[Message from Urban Ministries of Durham]

Let’s House Durham.  

It’s a simple concept, but it’s a massive endeavor.  

What would it cost to house every homeless person in Durham for a year? Are you seeing big numbers in your head? Well, we did too.  

Our friends at McKinney are challenging all of us to think big—and small.  

They’re right. Housing all starts small. If we all pitch in, that big number gets really small. How small, you ask?  


That’s small.  

Just think . . . YOU can help end homelessness for just $15.76!  

But we need more than just you. Homelessness is a systemic societal issue. Therefore, it’s everyone’s responsibility to help fix it.   So, how do you get started?  

Go to and buy a $15.76 brick.  

And if you can, give $15.76 for as many employees, friends, family as you can. Then, ask them to build on your gift of $15.76 with their own gift. Make sure to share news of your gift on social media to spread the word!  

If you run a department or a business, sponsor your employees or offer to match their gifts of $15.76. Or get creative; if you own a restaurant for example, add a “side of ending homelessness” to your menu for $15.76. This will go a long way toward sponsoring those in our community who need someone to “pay it forward” for them to be represented, helping us reach our goal of 100% participation.  

Together, we can challenge and empower each other to act on behalf of our community, providing the bricks that will come together and do something great!  

We can end homelessness in Durham brick by brick. Click here to go add your brick today!   

Let’s see what we can build together!