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Dear friends,

I am a creature of habit. Perhaps you can relate? Most mornings look exactly the same in our house – and a small part of my morning routine includes brewing some coffee and stepping out into the backyard with our dog. Over the past month or so, the chilled air hits a little harder each morning as I take that first step outside. Every morning is a reminder of the unrelenting elements our unsheltered neighbors face each and every day.

At the same time, stepping out into that cold air over the past two weeks has afforded me a small moment of gratitude – because as that cold and bitter chill hits my skin – I know that our neighbors have had a safe and warm place to stay that previous night through our shelter program. I find comfort in knowing that you – the family of faith at Trinity UMC – have opened your doors. I find comfort in knowing that you all are doing the work to welcome those who are cold and weary.

I’m so grateful for the hospitality and grace you extend so generously to our community. Thank you for partnering with Open Table Ministry and allowing us the chance to serve alongside you.

In Peace & Gratitude,

Drew Woten

Assistant Director