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Join us for a new Steeped in the Faith study through the book "God and the Pandemic", a short book by a world-leading bible scholar and NYT bestselling author, NT Wright. 

Have you or others you know asked questions like, "why is God causing the pandemic?" Or "Is this a sign of the end times?" These have been common thoughts during the Coronavirus pandemic, brought upon by fear, panic, and confusion. But these thoughts can be crippling. So as we walk through "God and the Pandemic", we will see how N.T. Wright uses Scripture to help Christians think through their reactions and responses to the pandemic. Offering spiritual guidance during a time of crisis, Wright helps readers reflect on scripture, prayer, and teachings from Jesus' life in order to think differently about disaster and how to react to it.

Make an evening cup of tea and join Rev. Jackson on Wednesday nights @ 8 pm on Zoom for a relaxed and welcome space to ask hard questions and have good conversation. Please let the office ( know if we can purchase a book for you.