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Short-term help wanted: Audit committee to review our books in 2020. Contact Elizabeth Benson at

Would you like to save the church some money, and learn some skills in the process?

Each year, Trinity gathers 3-4 volunteers to review the prior year’s financials as an audit. Using a
random selection of transactions, we make sure income was accurately reported and checks
match up with invoices.

It is helpful to have experience reviewing credit card statements or balancing a checkbook. We
divide up reviewing income, expenses, credit cards, and investments.

This short-term project needs to be finished by the end of July, and there is some flexibility as
to when each person works. Estimate 10-15 hours of work at your own pace. Can be done
partly at home and partly in the church office.

Our volunteer audit helps to certify that we are good stewards of our funds and prevents any
small problems from becoming big ones. Please consider if you might be able to help in this