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Adam: God's Beloved, by Henri Nouwen, will be our next study led by Rev. AC Brock!

In the year before his unexpected death in 1996, Henri Nouwen set out to write a book about the Creed. His plans changed when he learned of the death of his friend Adam Arnett, a profoundly handicapped young man from the L'Arche Daybreak Community where Nouwen lived. Adam could not speak or even move without assistance. Gripped by frequent seizures, he spent his life in obscurity. And yet, for Nouwen, Adam became "my friend, my teacher, and my guide." It was Adam who led Nouwen to a new understanding of his faith and what it means to be Beloved of God.

The cost of the book is $17.00. The church will have some books available for purchase, or you may purchase one on your own. (Amazon has a Kindle version for $9.99) Click here to reserve a book with the office. If you would like to be a blessing to someone who wants to participate but cannot afford to pay for a book, consider paying for two! 

We will be meeting on Thursday mornings at 10 am, both in person and through Zoom (link included in the weekly reminder). For those who aren't able to make that time, we will send out a recording of the Zoom.